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Back to the roots: Mindful Backbending

Our modern society leaves the body hunched over and closed off, so strengthening the spine and opening up the front body through backbends presents a great antidote. However, these poses can aggravate the spine without proper muscular engagement and alignment. If you’ve found yourself scared of backbends, struggling to connect with your breath, or unsure of how to move deeper, the third workshop in the Back to the Roots series is for you! This workshop will break down the intention behind back-bending poses, allowing yogis to learn how to lengthen into the poses and use the breath as a tool. Students will work through a variety of poses (some of which you might not have realized were back bends!) building up to poses like camel and wheel, where each student will receive individualized support to work on the pose at their level. 

Taught by Katya Danko & Mackenzie Proud
Not taking reservations
Instructor Katya
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